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How It Works

Our bodies weren't designed for our current diet and can have a hard time digesting processed foods. Years of unhealthy eating can leave a build-up of toxins in your digestive tract, preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Undigested food waste can cause bloating, fatigue and weight gain, as well as prevent your body from absorbing the essential nutrients it needs. Over time, this build-up of digestive wastes can lead to more serious gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, colon polyps or even colon cancer.

Core Cleanse is a natural way to detoxify your body, eliminating the causes of these digestive issues. Core Cleanse is an herbal colon cleanse that contains potent natural ingredients for eliminating waste build-up, relieving bloating and fatigue, and improving your digestive health.

Core Cleanse works over the course of several days to gently purify your body. Core Cleanse is not a 'purge' and won't leave you stranded in your bathroom. Instead, Core Cleanse contains a blend of mild laxatives and detoxifiers to help your body process and eliminate toxins from your digestive tract. Core Cleanse also contains probiotics to rebalance the intestinal flora, improving your body's ability to digest food and absorb essential nutrients.

  • Gently remove harmful toxins and waste
  • Flush out excess weight
  • Eliminate bloating
  • Increase energy levels

Tips for Success

Avoid processed and refined foods that your body cannot digest. Do not eat fast food.

Eat several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day as part of a balanced diet. When possible, try to eat raw produce instead of cooked.

Drink plenty of water! Water is an essential part of the detoxification process. Drink 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water every day.

To maximize benefits, take Core Cleanse for a minimum of 3 months.